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'ariel' reflective patch

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  • 'ariel' reflective patch
  • 'ariel' reflective patch
  • 'ariel' reflective patch
  • 'ariel' reflective patch

~ 15 x 10 cm

'ariel' is as every moon, planet or star in the far out systems unique and just made once like this.

painted & sewn secondhand jeans textile, which can be applied to any kind of coats, jacket, vest through the included security needles

With the patch I will send you a redeem code to my new album "What is the opposite of ambivalence" to get it for free on bandcamp.

Of course, you could sew this peace also onto one of your clothing pieces, just make sure you handwash it not above 30°C and don't scrub its surface while washing.

If you are interested in buying this patch in a particular cryptocurrency, contact me and i can reserve it for you.

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